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02.21.2009 Star Golden Bell

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02.21.2009 Star Golden Bell

Post by charinna13 on Sun Mar 01, 2009 3:08 pm

FT Island Choi JongHun said on KBS ‘Star Golden Bell’ on 21st February about fellow member Lee HongKi, “He has the vocal and also the face that will attract the attention first in the group. And for me, I know guitar, keyboard and I also have the face in the group.”

He went on to talk about the difference between himself and Lee HongKi, “He has the cute image while I have the tough look. Lee HongKi’s face is one you can find 10 similar ones in a class, he has the face of a commoner.”

Meanwhile, member Lee JaeJin also said, “I wished I have the looks too but I only get to introduce the album” and Choi MinHwan, “I have the image of the cute maknae (youngest).”

While new member Song SeungHyun said, “I have the height and also the look too. If HongKi is not feeling well, I take over his position as the second vocal.”

Lee Hongki also talke about the new member in this episode, “Song SeungHyun is like a 4-dimensional nuclear bomb. You just don’t know what he is going to say next.”

Credits: Newsen + sookyeong @ wordpress (translations) + Luis ChangMin @ YGBB
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