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[News] SeungHyun talks about his anti-fans

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[News] SeungHyun talks about his anti-fans

Post by charinna13 on Sun Mar 01, 2009 2:53 pm

Group FT Island new member Song Seung Hyun talks about his joining the group.

Song has been training under the same company as FT Island for 3 years. And he talks about some of the paings of joining the group, “I was really excited about it. Since my trainee days, I had little fans. But after joining FT Island as Oh WonBin’s replacement, my anti-fans got up to 2000 members. Right now, the numbers are increasing, and we are expecting the anti-fans to exceed 3000.”

“The other hyungs had debuted before me, and if I make any mistakes on stage I feel that I am doing bad to my hyungs. So for my first performance, I thought it will be the end of me if I make any mistakes. I have confidence in rapping. I’ve also learnt piano for 7 years. Now that everyone knows that I am part of FT Island, I hope that everyone will remember my name when they hear FT Island’s name.”

Credits: MyDaily + sookyeong @ wordpress (translations) + Luis ChangMin @ loveft-i
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